What is the Quad Cities Electrical Training Center?

Ready to Start a New Career?

Electricians are in demand – and the QC Electrical Training Center is equipped with everything you need to take charge of your future career! Whether you decide to work for a large organization, or be the boss of your own business, The QC Electrical Training Center has the career path for you.

Earn an excellent wage while receiving a top-notch education at the Quad City Electrical Training Center. The rewards don’t stop there – you will also receive healthcare benefits for you and your family along with a solid retirement pension plan.

Success Stories

Stability. Anywhere.

Brad Rollins
“After the five years you will have a job, no matter where you go. There are other locals throughout the country where you can get a job that pays well.”

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Benefits. Don’t. Stop.

Tiffany Furan
"The apprenticeship teachers are fantastic. They help you get to wherever you need to get. If you get in trouble with something, they are right there."

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Tough. Rewarding.

Brandon Cochran
“The benefit of this career field is that it’s always going to be there; you’re always going to need electricity. It’s not going to be able to be outsourced.”

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